Thursday, February 09, 2006

Come see my new column/blog!

UPI Religion and Spirituality Forums has invited me to be a weekly columnist on their website. I feel honored.

Here's a link to my first post:

Julie Unplugged at UPI

I decided to use my handle from this blog to create some continuity in my life. The goal of this new blog adventure is for me to share my spiritual reflections (whatever they may be) each week. I enjoyed reading some of the other columnists too, particularly Adela McKay's column. She has a terrific sense of humor (love her blog about bumper stickers).

Anyway, thanks for supporting me in my new outlet for writing. Now I've got like four blogs to maintain? I'm insane, clearly, but for some reason, I enjoy it! Writing is almost better than sex.

P.S. I should add that my posts on the UPI site will not be duplicated here unless I resort to re-using one of my old posts from this blog when I'm in a time crunch. Also, anything I express on any blog is a moment in time snapshot of me and my heart, not to be taken as the final version of my faith for perpetuity. (This needs to be added so that I am not held to any comment I make as binding or harassment-worthy, depending on how one reads me!)


SusansPlace said...

"never" means "another" when you haven't had your first cup of coffee yet. ;-)


SusansPlace said...

Congrats Julie! I'm glad you have never blog...I enjoy reading all of them! Off to check it out.


SusansPlace said...
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SusansPlace said...
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SusansPlace said...
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Rick said...

Dear Julie,

Great post. My expereince with grad school much much the same. I realized about two weeks into Biblical Hebrew that there's a lot more to "this" than just my red-lettered edition. :)

In some ways, grad school was the best thing I ever did for my "faith", for I realized just how little I knew. The more I learned, the more I realized how little I knew. This "forced" me to have faith in the Mystery of God versus what I thought I knew.

Actually, this can be a scary place and this may be why folks would rather have rigid rules and depend on what they "know" about God, versus free falling into the Mystery.

I have rambled, but thak you for a great post. I needed this one...


Rebecca said...

I'm happy we'll have the chance to see some more sustained looks at theology and religion from you. I (of course) zoomed right over to check it out and came back with a snippit and a question about it--

"That interest has kept my theological and spiritual coals warm, even when I could no longer believe. Then just the other night at grad school, a little flame leapt into view."

I never could crystalize out of the rest of the piece what the flame was. I took it to mean identifying something you DO believe, instead of simply seeing what you DON'T believe, but then I couldn't really sort out what that belief was. If you have a minute sometime I'd be interested in what I am (undoubtedly obtusely)missing.

Keep up the good work!

julieunplugged said...

Hi Rebecca.

You're a careful reader. I agree. Not clear. What I meant to indicate more completely was the idea that dispositions had more to do with the truth God reveals than propositions. I could have tied those together more apparently though. That's what you get for writing it on the day it's meant to be published!

Thanks for reading and engaging.

Rick, good to have you posting here too. I enjoy your blog. Provocative.

Dave said...

What's interesting for me in reading your column, Julie, is that I already know a lot more about the back-story to what you write than I normally would when reading an on-line column. And this is something different than one of your emails to PoMoXian or an entry here on your blog. As a first column especially, it's your introduction to a new audience, intended to be a self-contained statement of sorts (since there are no guarantees that your readers will read all your future columns to get the essence of what you are trying to say.) But it's hard for me to separate all that I have learned about you in our years of on-line acquaintance (as well as one f2f and one phone call exchange!)

Overall, I just think it's cool that you have this additional outlet (and challenge) to clarify and articulate your ever-developing theological views. I look forward to seeing where you take this thing and how the expectation of delivering a pithy observational piece each week goes on to influence the directions you take on your journey.

Rebecca said...

No, you had it there, I just missed it. Reading on a lunch hour and in a hurry. . .

Like Dave I had trouble sorting out what I had read before from what you wrote there and that may have been part of the problem.

I just went back and reread in Sunday morning mode and I think it stands on its own quite well. It will be interesting to see what a set format does for your articulation of belief. Nothing like having to say it to make you really think it through!