Thursday, March 27, 2008

To the land of sun and sea

That's going to be me, flying over the fly-over states to the west coast where the sun sets on the correct side of the beach (over the ocean).

My mother is turning 70 and she's treating me to a trip to San Francisco to be with her, my theologically-awesome aunt and my earthy cool sister of Santa Cruz. Because this was too good a chance to see all of California, I'm flying to LA first to spend time basking in the UCLA Bruin Basketball Glow by staying a couple nights in Westwood (and seeing (!) Elizabeth Gilbert and Anne Lamott speak together in Royce (the god of halls) Hall - yes, exactly like chocolate, peach schnapps and good sex rolled into one, I agree).

I'm off to have those grey roots dyed, then to purchase a brand new tech toy (GPS devise), then back to work for the afternoon and I'll start packing my clothes later this evening... all while watching March Madness: Go Muskateers! Go Bruins!

Photos of California to come to this very blog in the very near future.


Dave said...

I like the purple and yellow theme. It was time for that icicle to go away for the winter. (Though we are getting a fresh batch of snow up here in Michigan.)

Sun and sea indeed. Have a nice trip!

Steve said...

Phew....go Bruins. Beat Xavier. You have to post about the Royce-Lamont thingie!

Susanne Barrett said...

Have fun! And enjoy Lamott for me!

Green with envy here in San Diego...

Kansas Bob said...

Looks like spring has come to Julie's blog! Have a great trip - smile as you fly over Kansas.

Go Jayhawks!

Yours Truly said...

I know you will have a great time! I look forward to seeing those pics!


Robert said...

Ah how the ghosts of pauley pavilion are smiling now 3 years in a row to the Final Four!!! I have NC over UCLA davidson was a bracketbuster!!

Have a great time in cali, wish i was back in HB so i could go see lakers games :)

NoVA Dad said...

Hope you had a great trip; I really look forward to reading your thoughts about the Anne Lamott appearance. Should be quite interesting!

Sorry, too, about UCLA -- I'm right there with you!