Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Keith Olbermann's special comment

Eloquent blistering editorial: Geraldine Ferraro

It's about ten minutes, but riveting. I recommend viewing.


brian said...

I thought he did a great job. Unfortunately, Clinton's strategy worked. She's got us all talking about race now.

SusansPlace said...

Riveting is right! How can Clinton and Obama get back on track? Politics can be so ugly.


Kansas Bob said...

Interesting that Keith said that she missed a chance to do "what was right". I wonder why he thought that she would do the right thing? Really, what does doing the right thing have to do with Bill or Hillary? Does Keith really know the Clintons as he seems to indicate that he does?

Kansas Bob said...

What do you make of Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor of 20 years? He seems to be getting a bit of media play these days. Several YouTube videos out there of Pastor Wright saying the strangest things.