Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thought for the day

You know, is it not just the least bit ironic that Bush's administration has covered up intelligence that told them that Iraq was not a threat, then invaded anyway, has allowed for nearly 4000 of our kids to be killed and countless Iraqis... all due to a philosophy, a religious feeling, a belief in their invincibility and the rightness of their mission? How many times has Bush led from his gut, told us that the Almighty is guiding him?

White men - violent, white men pursuing their own advantage.

Yet if a black pastor says that the white man is out to get him, well THAT'S a lie that just can't be tolerated and we must trash the candidacy of the man who happens to be his friend.

ETA: Brian's brilliant blogging on this topic.


brian said...


Yesterday I told a friend who just could not fathom why a Black man would say such things: "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you."

Reverend Wright was right about most of the things he said. If it makes some White people uncomfortable to hear those things expressed in the way he expressed them, that frankly is something they need to deal with. Reverend Wright was speaking to his congregation who got the message he was trying to send which was not unpatriotic or anti-White. A stellar 30 plus year career is being trashed because some White people are not comfortable with a few seconds of sound bites.

I've written extensively about this on my blog. So, I won't take up your space here. But, I'm pretty fed up with the reaction to this whole thing. I understand why Barack had to throw the Reverend under the bus. But, I can't believe the gullibility of people who are falling for this obvious smear tactic.

Ed G. said...

well, people have been taking bible verses out of context since there was a bible... not surprising that lines of a sermon are taken out of context, too.

there are a lot of folks who start with the answer, then look for proof that there answer is right. and the lazy media buy into it because it's good for ratings.

i guess i am part of that cycle, too, 'cause i watch it all.

Drew said...

Yes, and what about McCain's acceptance of endorsements from Hagee and Parsley. Why are they not demonized like Obama's pastor? They are far more volatile and continue to preach people into being ignorant and stupid. Pretty gross when you think about it.

augie said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,
Watch the video and come up with more excuses.