Monday, March 03, 2008

Because I really hate being sick

There are several things wrong with being sick, not the least of which is the tender crusty nose and the throbbing head that makes me grind my teeth unconsciously, leading to temporary TMJ and insanity.

The other thing I hate is the "no energy" thing. I'm allergic to low energy. I keep thinking I should be able to do the stuff I normally do (and more!) since I'm sick and have all this free time. But the "free time" gets filled with coughing, prompted by sucking on cough drops or by staring off into space while I try to remember my name or how to type. I resent the idea that being sick means the body takes over the brain and requires you to "lie down." WTF? Now that I'm "sick" I have the perfect excuse to ignore everyone and Finally. Get. Something. Done! Or so I thought.

Right now I'm supposed to make dinner and all I can picture is germs crawling down my arms onto my fingers and into the food. Gross.

And, oh, yes, I do have a speaking engagement in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Friday night and all day Saturday. Yes, I'm also the only speaker. Correction: I'll be the only nose-blowing, hacking, scratchy voiced front-of-the-room person for the two day stint. And all these nice women are paying me to do it... some even flying from snow blizzardy Colorado for the privilege.

Here's hoping that strep goes on spring break early and leaves me alone.


brian said...


I hope you kick it quick. As someone who was sick a lot as a child (migraines), I can relate.

One great thing about being sick though is how alive you feel once you kick it. Here's hoping that's soon for you. Visualize your body waging warfare on those evil little germs!


Sandy said...

Hope you feel better soon. Rest will definitely help you feel better so make yourself take it. I can't recommend Delsym (cough suppressant) enough to help with a cough during the night. Steam showers and saline spray really do help with the stuffiness. I've recently tried those Sudafed shower things and found them helpful too. Don't mean to go on and on with the med advice but having frequent sinus infections makes you keep up to date on relief measures (and very sympathetic when others suffer!).

Take care of yourself.

carrie said...

'm so sorry your sick, Julie. I'll pray for a speedy recovery!

SusansPlace said...

Julie, eat lots of lemons. Good for the throat. I also heard whiskey helps with the cough. ;-)
Seriously...please accept the fact that you must rest! Election Day, no less! You can recline on the couch and watch the results.

Your motherly friend,