Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama's speech on race relations today

For those who missed it midday:

Full transcript

Yes, I know this blog has become the "All things Obama gossip sheet." It's just that time of the election season. Not only that, if you know me and have for awhile, you'll know that the ideas that Obama shares, his commitments and passions mirror my own. When I read The Audacity of Hope, I found myself nodding in agreement, and at times, tearing up.

It's not so much that Obama represents some hybrid vision of Republican and Democratic policy positions. It's that he represents a new kind of politics guided by an intelligent, ethical, compassionate optimism. And he makes his case for his brand of politics in language and practical details that resonate with me. In fact, for all the supposed conservative values of the Republican party, I don't see the promises of smaller government, better schooling without federal interference, more opportunity trickling down to the inner city, lower taxes for the middle class, a humble diplomacy or compassionate conservatism that both addresses the born and unborn. In fact, for all my alignment with their values, I'm trying to think of what the Republicans have actually done that I can applaud as matching that list of criteria.

On the other hand, Obama seems to grasp that we aren't in a war to determine which set of values is most correct. He recognizes the legitimacy of rightwing morals and the aims of protecting our own self-determined wealth. I think he rightly expects that we can be both compassionate and self-sacrificing while also creating opportunity for self-advancement.

I'm tired of the hollowness of rightwing rhetoric. I'm ready to try something new.


Bilbo said...

Hi Julie,

I for one don't mind that you have "temporarily" turned your blog into a "All things Obama gossip sheet"...this campaign has been the most riveting campaign in my adult life and it has energized me politically after years of gradual cynicism...regarding the speech...It was electrifying and deeply satisfying to see a candidate speak and demonstrate, by their words, empathy towards both blacks and whites...and...in my opinion, we are witnessing something totally unparalleled in the world of politics. It's not just the substance of what Obama says, it the "way" he is addressing the issues. Who would have ever predicted that Obama, or anyone else for that matter, could turn "Pastor Wright's" "nightmarish" sounding soundbites over the past three or four days into a substantive speech about race and simultaneously humanize and show empathy towards his former pastor?...It's amazing and dare I say "profound" what Obama is doing...and...Even many of critics and political adversaries seem to now stand in awe and speechless...It's unprecedented and "inspirational"....

Nicole Rae Studio said...

Julie... you need to read this. He wrote the speech himself. Unbelievable.

julieunplugged said...

Nikki, I know! I just posted those details at my BW blog. And I had learned of that fact from the dkos too. :) I see we have much in common these days. :)

julieunplugged said...

Bilbo, thanks for this. I so agree - I'm riveted. It's the first time in my life that I've felt so compelled to track a political happening.

brian said...

This is by far the most I've ever been involved in an election, especially this early in the process. I've had a roller coaster of emotions already and it's not over. Right now I'm feeling pretty tired, angry and losing hope and faith in the American people though.

julieunplugged said...

Brian, I get your weariness. I try to take comfort and strength from the fact that Obama believes more in the American people than I sometimes do.

Yours Truly said...

I can't get the story Nikki referred to...do you have another link?


rmkton said...

If we don't elect this man (Obama)...it really says something about us that I just can't think about right now (cue the background music from "Gone with the Wind")

Julie, my daughter Avery (age 15) and I will be canvassing here in the Philly burbs which is serving up as a real battle ground. The lead story today in the Phila. Inquirer was about how registered PA voters are switching party affiliation from R to D so that they will have a say in the PA primary...and who will be the next president. It is still very much an uphill battle here. Even the newly elected, very popular mayor of Phila., Michael Nutter, has endorsed HRC which I think is one of his first mistakes as mayor. Still we battle on...Tomorrow is the last day that anyone can register and still vote in the primary.

R. Michael

sjimeta said...

We were lied to by the mainstream media.

Turns out Rev Wright was misrepresented.

Now Sean Hannity and Anderson Cooper have got some explaining to do