Friday, March 07, 2008

In Grand Rapids

to give a homeschool writing workshop tonight and tomorrow. A bonus: seeing Mr. Pomoxian on his home turf. We intend to solve the debacle that is the Democratic race for the nomination by the end of tomorrow evening, in case you're wondering. Details to come.

I'm still recovering from strep and apparently Liam now has it as well. Jon is holding down the fort at home in the middle of a snow storm, with a sick child and a dog who had to have his bandage changed at a busy vet office. Said dog then rewarded Jon's patience and driving all around town by pooping in my van. You have to wonder: who is really working this weekend? Me or Home Executive, Mr. Jon? I tell you what - I'm nominating him for the Best Damned Husband Award! Deserves a big chocolate bar and thorough foot rub.... both of which I plan to give him in the biblical sense when I get home Sunday.

Until then, I'll be talking, sucking on throat lozenges (does anyone call them that any more?), and selling books. I'll also be sleeping on a very comfortable Hampton Inn bed. See you later.

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Dave said...

Yes You Will! (See me later, that is...)