Monday, March 24, 2008

UCLA makes nail biters of us all

The Bruins won't allow fans to breathe, pee, grow nails or blink. That's their style of winning and it doesn't seem to abate during the tournament.

Bill Simmons has given them the kiss of death by picking them as the champs. Great article, if I could read it without that annoying "last 30 second twitch" haunting me.

Bracket update: Georgetown loses and my final four suffers its first blow.


Kansas Bob said...

Go Jayhawks!!

Bilbo said...

Hi Julie,

I picked UCLA to win it all because of their experience and tenacious defense...but...after watching them against Texas AM I am now having serious second thoughts because their half court offense looks terrible... and... next time Love's fade aways and Collison's running, rainbow lay-outs may not go in. I know alot of people say that defense wins championships but I don't believe it. Balance, wins championships. Sorry, if I put a damper in your hopes for a UCLA championship but what would you expect from a USC fan...