Thursday, March 15, 2007

Xavier v. BYU

Xavier just went up with 10:27 to go. This is what March Madness is all about. What a great game. Six ties in the game and Xavier now has the chance to go up by four.

We're hoping for an OSU v. X in the next bracket. Thad Matta is Xavier's old coach so we have sentimental attachment to both teams. :) Sean Miller's got it going with X!

Hats off to Kim for picking the Duke upset.

Woo-hoo!!!! Xavier pulls it out! 79-77 - we are so proud!


Dave said...

I'm 15 for 16 after Day One (along with 10 of my co-workers.) VC over Duke was the only one I missed. Only one woman (out of 122 contestants) has called them all correctly as of this morning.

julieunplugged said...

I'm 14 for 16:

Gonzaga and Duke are my losses. I had Duke going for a bit so that may be a problem for my future brackets. I had them losing to UCLA. Now it will likely be Pitt instead.

Kudos to the worker on your staff. Amazing.

brian said...

I was so busy this year I didn't even fill out brackets. I forgot the tournament was even on until just before the start of the OSU game.

As a former Lexingtonian, it's always good to see Duke go out early. I enjoyed that upset. The XU vs. BYU game was a great one to watch.

Unfortunately, I'll have to hope XU loses in the next round as they play my alma mater. It's been many years since OSU has been in a position to go all the way. After the bitter defeat in the Fiesta Bowl, it would be sweet revenge to play and defeat Florida.


julieunplugged said...

Brian, I would be happy to see OSU win. I am sure they will (that's what my bracket says anyway). But I can't help but root for XU. They are the underdog with heart. Thad Matta is too good, though, and I don't think Sean Miller or the little men of X are a match for the OSU team.

I hope for a UCLA OSU final, but if it is the Gators, I'll be right there rooting for the Buckeyes!