Saturday, March 17, 2007

Xavier is beating OSU!

They haven't won yet, and it will blow up the rest of my brackets, but I am rooting for the Musketeers anyway. O.M.G. Tune in if you can.

52 X
44 OSU

7:36 left.

Oh break my heart! The Muskies lost.... and what a horrible way to lose. Had to go to a lacrosse game and listened to the terrible overtime minutes tick by sealing X's fate.


Dave said...

My brackets would be blown out too - I have OSU in the Final Two - but this is one of those situations where reality trumps fantasy. I shed no tears to see the Buckeyes make an ignominiously early exit!

Dave said...

OK, I guess OSU can resume their march to an inevitable showdown with (and loss to) Kansas...

jim said...

Oh well, still it was a good game and fun to watch!

brian said...

It was a great game to watch. Xavier played their hearts out and deserved to win. OSU seemed to sleep walk through most of the game (right up until the end).

It was an extremely exciting finish. I had mixed emotions since I kind of have a personal connection to Xavier (having met one of the players last year and living in Cincinnati for so long). But, in the end, you gotta go with your alma mater.

Go Bucks!