Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Drip, drip, drip


Right in the middle of a Very Important Rerun of Friends, Caitrin and I heard what no home owner wants to hear: urgently spraying water. Mid-knit stitch, I sent Caitrin to reconnoiter the sitch-yashun. Yep - spraying water and "Mom, hurry up it's getting everywhere!"

The Questa pipe (which I'm told by plumbers "sucks") burst and the hot water valve gave way. Between cursing, buckets, my head-to-foot wardrobe and Jon's sopping head, we stopped the flow enough to sleep without waking every ten minutes to empty a bucket. That meant no water all evening and night (which means we are now qualified for Survivor.... I found myself licking droplets off of abandonned dinner glasses...).

My dreams were nightmarish scenes of floods outside the house, in the house, under the floor boards and I spent all of those sleepy scenes soaking wet. It really was like sleeping under water. I was startled in the morning when my pj's weren't sticking to my skin!

I woke to a dry vanity... our temporary fix had at least forestalled further eruptions of H2O.

The plumbers came this morning and fixed both the leak and our upstairs shower nozzle (isn't it funny how you suddenly realize you have myriad plumbing needs at once?).

E.M. Forster wrote in A Room with a View that nothing preys on the mind like troubles with water. How true.


isaiah said...

Oh- have I been there, AND...one can't say they've been tested to the limits without undergoing the torture of a thousand million drops of water at once!

How about a waterbed exploding while one is at work..been there, done that.

Hot water tank bursting in the night...been there, done that.

Sometimes the worst is the slow drip, drip, drip, undiscovered until a month or two have passed and one discovers mold & mildew behind a wall... been there too!

Yes, one does dream 'wet-dreams' for a spell...and, they're not exciting!

Hey, when a plumber's in the house one can find plenty of work for them, right?

Ever heard the one about the couple who went away on vacation for a week and the water pipe connection to the washer burst and spewed water for seven days? No, not me, but it did happen to a good friend.

See, someone always has it worse... his washer was on the second floor of his home.

Katrina365 said...

Oh my!! Not fun! Oh, but what are you knitting?

NoVA Dad said...

Just had a situation at home where, according to the plumbing expert, calouses had built up on the inside of the household plumbing -- and ultimately led to a washing machine that backed up into our den. At least I could keep watching TV while I was steaming the carpet! Glad to hear the worst is behind you!

Dave said...

My story isn't nearly as dramatic, but I had to replace a switch on my sump pump tonight. All that melting snow may have overworked the poor old gadget. No flooding for us though, all is well...