Sunday, March 11, 2007

UCLA gets second seed

That means if they win all their games and Florida wins all of its games, they will play in the final four, not for a rematch for the championship. Hmmm. Well, we'll see how they do! What do you make of the brackets?

There is a chance, if UCLA wins out, that they could play OSU if they win out, in the final. Wouldn't that create a conflict in our home? (Johannah is slated to attend OSU in the fall.)


Ampersand said...

My Terps are in as a #4 seed, yay.

Katrina365 said...

OSU vs UCLA sounds like fun to me!! :) GO BUCKS!!!!

Ampersand said...

I picked your Bruins to go to the finals in my brackets.

Bruins vs. Georgetown. Crazy pick, Georgetown, must have had too much chili for lunch :).