Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Midterm is finished

just in time to leave town. Margaret and I will be traveling tomorrow to South Carolina for a girlfriend getaway until Monday. Taxes are complete. Sweet relief.

Reality TV Run Down
And do you love Blake on American Idol? Yes, Melinda (to me) is by far the best singer in that competition (Lakisha is good too, but I prefer Melinda) BUT, Blake is my favorite performer. He's fresh (we haven't seen anything like him on Idol before), he's contemporary and he can actually sing. The beat boxing is fun.

Rob and Amber blew it on Amazing Race so I'm done watching.

Survivor... zzzzzzz. When you put half the cast in a luxury hotel (practically speaking) and starve the other half, are you really surprised when the starving tribe disintegrates and loses every challenge? Puh-leaze.

Comedy Central
I'm hooked on the Colbert Report. Last night's match up with Willie Nelson stole the show.

We also Tivo Jon Stewart. I really do think these guys do a better job with the news than Katie Couric.


brian said...

I'm jealous. Taxes are done AND a weekend getaway? My taxes are with the accountant. I'm dreading the verdict. I know we're going to owe big-time (again).

I really enjoyed Blake's performance on Idol last night. I also liked him the week before when the judges panned him. I think Blake's got some serious potential. He not only can sing, but I love his arrangements. He could release Time of the Season as a single today.

I love the Amazing Race. I hate Rob & Amber. But, they did keep it exciting. It's fun to watch Charla and Mirna though.

I agree about Survivor. But, they're going to shake it up this week, I think. That was an incredibly stupid idea to give one team such an advantage.

Have a great weekend away!


julieunplugged said...

If it makes you feel any better, we owed big time too. Ouch! Home business has a way of sneaking up on you and then slam! Lots owed. We hope next year we'll do better now that we have all those money types working on our behalf.

Glad we agree about Blake. :) It's nice to know you have a similar reality TV addiction. Do you watch Dancing with the Stars? I never have but think we may have to add it to the list. It's just too popular.

Ampersand said...

Yes, I love Blake. He is both musically creative and talented.

And I love Lakisha. Boogieman and I thought her rendition of "Diamonds Are Forever" was outstanding. Phhhhttt to the Judges on that one.

Dcn Scott Dodge said...

Did you see John Stewart's interview with John Bolton? Bolton's concept of democracy leaves a lot to be desired!

NoVA Dad said...

Our taxes are done (hoorah for Turbo Tax!), but only my wife at this point is enjoying a getaway with the girls (a.k.a. our daughters). Hopefully, I'll be able to join them this weekend.

Congrats on finishing the midterm, and have a great weekend!!

brian said...

I do watch Dancing With the Stars. But, it's far from my favorite. I usually just watch the competitions (I hate the results shows).

I also watch America's Next Top Model.

Concerning Idol. Melinda is still my favorite singer (by a MILE). Blake is my favorite performer and I might actually buy an album by that guy. I think LaKisha is the second best singer with Jordin a close third.

Kansas Bob said...

Julie, You have been given The Thinking Blogger Award(

SusansPlace said...

I have a good time in South Carolina! :-) REEEELAAAAAAAAAX!


SusansPlace said...

Freudian slip...hehe...I wrote "I" and I meant "You". ;-)


Dalissa 365 said...

You deserve a break... so glad you are getting away. Yeah, I thought Melinda rocked this week but I thought Jordin did great, too. Lakisha is still my girl, though, I don't think she deserved the criticism she got from the judges and I am glad she didn't take Lulu's advice to do a song that utilized her "big" voice. I am glad that she is willing to take chances singing songs that require a bit more control.

Anyhoo, taxes. Yep, we are still paying back taxes from 2003 and 2005. I think 2005 is the year that killed us with something like $12000 in taxes. Great. Big. Ouch.