Saturday, March 31, 2007

OSU wins; UCLA in trouble at the half

Well, out of my final four, OSU is in. So I'm fifty percent there. UCLA was looking great defensively until they had to bench Afflalo, Mata and A Moute for foul trouble. Then suddenly the charmed offense of the Gators kicked into gear. Is Brewer amazing at three-pointers?

Not giving up on the Bruins though. They say the Gators are in trouble if they are under 35 pts. at the half. Gotta believe... :) Go Bruins!

Edited to add: Bruins were in bigger trouble by the end. Wow. I will say it right now. Florida is a great team. I think OSU will lose Monday night.


brian said...


I'm sorry that your beloved Bruins went down like that. They just look overwhelmed by Florida.

I hate to say it. But, I think you're right about OSU and Florida tonight. Florida has the best team I've seen so far. OSU has been iffy in the tournament. But, I will be cheering my Buckeyes on anyway. I want revenge for that Fiesta Bowl fiasco.

julieunplugged said...

You are so right! UCLA was overwhelmed. Florida really is just that good.

We'll be cheering for the Buckeyes too, but I hate to say it... I think the fiesta bowl repeat is on its way. Here's hoping for a Xavier style miracle. :)