Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Beauty and the Beast Finale

Beauty and the Beast Finale, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Johannah took part as student director in this year's spring musical, "Beauty and the Beast." These photos were just posted to a website and I was so pleased to see that she is evident in this curtain call. Find Gaston (middle) and look to the right of him. The red hair and black crew shirt - that's Johannah. Easier to see if you click on the photo and then select all sizes to see the larger version.

Also, fwiw, Gaston is her prom date this year. :)


Dave said...

It looks like we are all enjoying and celebrating the creativity of our gifted children lately! Lots of fun. I'm going to see our local high school production of "Cats" tomorrow night - apparently we're the first school in the state to do that particular production - it sounds like our director (the same guy who took my son to China last summer) is feeling pretty ambitious!

I saw "Beauty and the Beast" on Broadway when I was in NYC in April of 2005. It was quite a production and I got from earlier posts of yours that this version you saw had a lot of the same bells and whistles!

Congratulations to Johanna for her part in this and may she continue to follow that muse into new and amazing ventures.

NoVA Dad said...

My wife's half-brother had one of the leading roles in B and the B at Disney World in Florida, and then at the one in Japan. You've probably seen him on TV extensively and wouldn't have had any idea; one commercial with Tiger Woods and a Maxwell House commercial that is running nationally now, in addition to many other credits and a short film that was premiered at the LA Film Festival late last year.

But I digress -- that's a great cast photo (and I'm sure J is tickled pink to be going to the prom with one of the leads!). We will expect pictures:-)