Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Slow down

Slow down, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Like we'd risk going any faster...

We're in the middle of a scary ice storm. One nine year old girl in the neighboring suburb was killed while walking her dog when a huge ice-laden pine tree branch fell on her... right in her own front yard. 122,000 people are without power due to the lines freezing and being pulled down by falling branches. Several major car accidents left motorists with totaled cars tucked under semis. Amazingly no one was hurt.

Our suburb is fine, but tomorrow is the second day off from school due to ice and snow.

I drove Jacob to his sax lesson today and all I could think of was getting home and staying put.

Hope the weather is less intimidating where you are.


Dave said...

So... did you ever pick up Jacob from his sax lesson, or did you make him walk home through the ice storm? ;o)

We're north of the storm zone so even though we got some snow and it's bitter cold, right now it's sunny and relatively nice.

Sad story about that little girl. What a horrible thing to happen in her own yard.

julieunplugged said...

Ha ha about Jake. I stay at his lesson so it's one round trip, not two, which is why I worried. It meant I had to drive and wait while the storm got worse.

Nice that you have sun. We got a lot of sunshine today which means that all the snow has started to melt in time to freeze again tonight which means.... no school tomorrow either. Then there's the holidays on Friday and Monday... so they will have had an entire week off. Crazy.

Matt said...

In terms of power loss, it is less intimidating for us; sadly, we also had someone killed in our area -- a 15-year-old girl who was walking with other members of her family. Things like that are absolutely tragic, especially when they happen in the one place where you should feel safe.

Mary Breeman was a little disappointed that we couldn't let her go outside and make snow angels today -- we couldn't make her understand that falling backwards into the ice wouldn't have been as much fun as falling into the fresh snow of yesterday.