Monday, February 19, 2007

Make faith more complicated

Here's this week's UPI Column. I may have to take a few weeks off of this column so I can focus on my thesis. This may be the last one for a little bit.


SusansPlace said...

Julie, you are singing my song! I can chew on this article for a while. The thought that most resonated with where I am:

"My faith is no longer a
singularity, but the tension between ideas that yields insight."

YES, YES, YES to that!


Ampersand said...

living between ideas...

just three words, but strung together they pack a powerful punch.

I realize that I will always be between ideas, whether moving from one idea to another, existing in the tension between them, or appreciating their interconnectedness. It's just the way life is now for me.

I am incredibly happy you gave me those three words, and your stories to go with them, to articulate and envision that simple yet elegant place that I reside.

isaiah said...

Perhaps religion too is simply a game we play, where there is no wrong way or right way to encapsulate truth into a simplistic and neat little order.

How can we know anything? By the peace we feel or by the hum of the mantra in our heads? How can we know? Yes, perhaps “simplistic” isn’t all it’s cut out to be for everyone. Living between ideas, living between the gaps works for you. Living the, “I don’t know” works for me (yes, being very broad here.)

The film on the screen begins to flicker and the soundtrack cracks and pops…suddenly the reel slips off its spindle and is chewed away by the projector- we are left with blinding light on the screen before our eyes. The movie is over, we will never know the finish, only know we were so wrapped up in the drama playing itself out that we perceived everything we saw as reality…but only for such a brief eternity.

A voice greets us, “Oh, there you are!”

All smiles here!

julieunplugged said...

What a stream of consciousness in that last comment. Thanks Isaiah...

For all who wonder, I would not take away simplicity or clarity from those who enjoy having it. :)