Sunday, February 04, 2007

Colts 16, Bears 14 (Halftime)

This is Julie's half time report.

Rex looks awful.
Peyton looks good enough.
Vinatieri misses!

Four fumbles in the first quarter? Will this go down as the Three Stooges bowl?

Entertaining tight game though.

Prince - I missed all of the late eighties so I feel like a dork and don't know the songs. Good show, but no Bono. :)

See you at the end. We're about to dig into pie ala mode.

Hey Kim... Bilbo, and Dave: Colts won!!! (Colts 29, Bears 17)

Just thought I'd mention it.

For Kim:


Matt said...

Peyton and the Colts earned this title -- I hope the naysayers will now get off his back.

- Matt

Ampersand said...

Thank yew.

(see my blog for my two cents.)