Saturday, February 03, 2007

No Super Bowl pick from me

I like to root for the team I want, not worry about picking them. So.... I'm rooting for the Colts all the way. I like this article by John Clayton for what he thinks the Colts have to do to win.

If you want to make a pick, I'd love to read it. And what are you doing for the Super Bowl? Will you go to a party, make a new dip, stay home? We're staying home and eating snack foods. Not too exciting, but hope the game will be.


Kansas Bob said...

I am pro-AFC at this time of the year - Go Colts!

Bilbo said...

I am predicting the Colts will win 30 to 13 but I will spare your readers Julie how I came to my prediction since my methods, as you know, are a bit unorthodox. I am watching the game with my football buddies from work. We get together for the big games at someones house where we will all hoot, holler, pontificate, argue, and frequently get off the subject...It's a lot of fun and I consider it an important exercise in keeping alive the traditions of our Neanderthal ancestors.

Kansas Bob said...

Miami, Florida (AP) – Chicago Bears football practice was delayed nearly two hours today after a player reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the practice field. Head coach Lovey Smith immediately suspended practice while police and federal investigators were called to investigate. After a complete analysis, FBI forensic experts determined that the white substance unknown to the players was the goal line. Practice resumed after special agents decided the team was unlikely to encounter the substance again

Dalissa 365 said...

I have no idea who I am rooting for yet... I guess I should figure that one out, huh? We plan to go to a Medieval fair early in the day and come home to watch the game. We'll probably stop to pick up mesquite wings from Costco, soda and beer from somewhere else. Standard football fare, ya' know?

brian said...

I've gotta root for my boy, Peyton. Plus, Indy's only two hours away. When my eye was wandering away from the Bengals, I considered becoming an Indy fan instead.

I also pick the Colts. I think the AFC is far superior to the NFC. I think I can throw a football better than Rex Grossman and Indy's defense has improved. If Peyton has a half-way decent game, Indy will prevail. But, that's a big IF. The Super Bowl tends to bring out the worst in teams. I expect it to be a pretty boring game.

We're going to begin watching the game with neighbors. But, I'll probably end up back home watching the second half alone. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the Super Bowl is late on a Sunday night when people have to go to work and school the next day. Since we've had our children, I think I've been to one or two Super Bowl parties that actually lasted until the end of the game.

SusansPlace said...

I mostly provide the snacks and John watches the game. I always root for the underdog.

For snacks, I am making:
Hot Wings, Stuffed Mushrooms, Queso & Dip and a veggie tray.

A friend with an 80 inch projector tv, with high definition, has invited the family over to watch the game. John will probably go, after he has had snacks here, and I'll probably stay home and read, though I am tempted to go for a while just to see what an 80 inch screen looks like.

Have fun!

Dave said...

The Bears will win tonight... my score pick is 31-27, but I'm less confident of those particular numbers. It's all explained on my blog.

My plans are to have my dad and his friend Cay over. They are in town for the next few months to be with his mom (my grandma) in her cancer ordeal. They live in the Caribbean, on a sailboat, and Cay (who is from England by way of South Africa) has never in her life seen snow like we've had up here in Michigan. It is a deeeep freeeeeeze weekend!

So we'll be having a family Super Bowl party watching the game on our 27" slightly rounded screen TV, drinking beer brewed in Holland, MI, wine from California or France and snacks cooked right here in our kitchen.

Matt said...

I'm pulling hard for the Colts; I think Peyton is due -- as far as the score, I won't guess. I would like to think it will come down to Vinatieri once again proving to be the hero, but I would love to see a record-setting day by Peyton. As far as what we're doing, it's going to be low-key: soft tacos and other Mexican side dishes for dinner (which is what the pregnant, due in 48 hours wife wanted), perhaps a few toddies, and lots of cheering.

Will you be doing a SB play-by-play?

- Matt

Matt said...

Oh, and KB, I love the news flash - hysterical!

- Matt

julieunplugged said...

KB I LOVED the newsflash too. Cracked me up.

Dave has a great Super Bowl game posted on his blog in case you didn't see it. I'll be working on my UPI column this afternoon so no more from me... but we'll see if I blog during hte game or not. Depends on how the family is doing with it. :)