Sunday, February 18, 2007

Restorative time away

Breakfast My date
Jon and I spent the night in downtown Cincinnati.

We ate dinner at this amazing restaurant:
They served us a five course meal that was made up of aphrodisiac ingredients. Jon ordered the version that included a different wine with each course and a private sommelier. Too fun.

We also watched Vanderbilt beat Florida on TV... Woo-hoo! I'm sick of those Gators.

This morning we got to dine in at the hotel followed by a movie viewing: "Breach." Fairly linear retelling of the Robert Hanssen espionage case. Good acting, overall quality film, though not surprising enough.

Felt so good to get away and sleep... away from the computer and all home duties. Hope you had a good weekend too.


jo(e) said...

That kind of weekend is so wonderful and necessary.

(Hey, I just looked at your profile and realize that you and I are the same age ....)

julieunplugged said...

How nice!

carrie said...

I'm glad you and Jon got to get away, even for just a night. It really is restorative. Each year Will and I take a weekend and check into a local hotel. It's not fancy, but it's so important! I feel like for those two days all the responsibilities are gone. For two days I don't have to think about anything but relaxing. Each year we tell ourselves we won't wait another full year, but it seems to work out that way! I know I'm rambling, but there is something so important about getting emotionally far enough away from friends and family that you know you don't have to stop what you're doing and get home to the kids, chores, or work responsibilities. It's a vital time to strengthen those marriage bonds!

Your restorative time sounds great!

my15minutes said...

File this under the heading "Parallel Husbands"... Bill has the same sweater.

julieunplugged said...

Beth that's too funny!