Friday, December 15, 2006

Woo-hoo! New MacBookPro

That's right. I'm typing on my new fifteen inch. Silver, fast as lightening and it has this groovy little photobooth gadget (takes your picture using lots of effects right out of the top of the screen).

Yikes - my teeth look like they have glow in the dark gel lathering them.

And yes, those are my new reading glasses, one of the many gifts my forty-fifth birthday gave to me, reminding me that I'm halfway through the journey of life.


Dave said...

whoa, dude, i'm trippin' out... I think somebody musta spiked the egg nog...!

Kansas Bob said...

You have found something else that you can do with a Mac. Maybe I'll eventually but one - not :)

Margaret said...

Wow~you look groovy!

Matt said...

You made it a lot farther (further?) before having to get reading glasses -- I've been using mine for a few years now. When I can't find them, I feel completely lost. I don't think they make me look intelligent, but I like to THINK that being able to see all of the words will make me a bit more intelligent.

And that is a cool picture -- looking forward to see what else you can do with your technology!

- Matt

Chuck said...

I'm still trippin on the Christmas tree lights...funkiest shades of red and green ever!