Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bengals fail to win

Pretty much a microcosm of their whole season.... failure to close when it matters. It's not just that they get beat, it's that they lose when given the opportunity to win. And yeah, we hate the Steelers around here.

Bengals record: 8 and 8, no play-off, no glory.

A backwards season with a few high points of celebration. I love 'em, but I'm sad for them today.

In other news: Dave's Detroit Lions salvage a season with a win over Dallas! Who saw that coming?

(I like any team that beats Dallas.)


Matt said...

Oh, Julie. I've been a lifelong Cowboys fan (back to the Staubach era); rest assured the knife I feel plunging into me didn't hit any vital organs;-)

- Matt

Kansas Bob said...

Even the Chiefs went 9 and 7 :(

Dave said...

Lions lost by winning - they blew their chance at the #1 draft pick, which now goes to the Raiders! (Soooo typical of this franchise... they have a history of winning games against strong teams at the end of the season when they are hopelessly out of it.)

I think for the players and coaches though, they'll gladly take the win today and a notch-lower draft pick next spring. Especially since a lot of the guys in blue'n'silver won't be playing there next fall!

My condolences on the Bengals loss though. That really sucks, but bottom line is that they didn't get the job done.

So who will you root for in the playoffs? Or are you non-committal at this stage? I'm going for either the Bears or the Saints all the way, with either the Chargers or Colts as AFC Super Bowl reps. (That's who I'd like, not who I think will actually win... which will require more pondering before I voice an opinion...)

Dave said...

Matt, I was fully prepared for the Lions to lose and have Draft Pick #1, so I feel for ya. Did their loss cost them much in the playoffs? At least they are in, but I suppose it means going on the road rather than playing at home...

julieunplugged said...

Bob, I would never have guessed that the Chiefs would make the playoffs and the Bengals wouldn't. Congratulations!

Dave, I'm rooting for the Colts. I want Peyton to get his ring and I want him to get it this year, since the Bengals are out of it.

I like the Chargers, don't like the Bears, and really love the Saints, but don't want them to win.


Matt said...

Dave, I don't think the Cowboys' loss really matters much in the long run. They lost their shot at the division title, and will have to travel to Seattle for their opening round game. They were actually already in the playoffs prior to today's game.

Julie, I have to agree with you, though -- if the Cowboys can't win it all (and they're too inconsistent at this point to do that), then I would love to see Peyton get a long-overdue ring.

- Matt

Kansas Bob said...

Please give my thanks to Carson and the Bengals when you see them - the Chiefs couldn't have made it to the playoffs (well maybe just the first round) without them :)

Kansas Bob said...

Hey, I just saw that you are rooting for the Colts ... you know they have to get by the Chiefs first ... like that will be a problem - I am such a bad fan :(

brian said...

How to post here without using foul language. It's going to be tough. The Bengals really stunk it up this year. We did not deserve to make it to the playoffs. When it mattered, we did not play like a playoff team. But, on the good side, I guess we're the new best friends of all Kansas City Chiefs fans, losing at just the right times to ensure their trip to the post-season.

We not only lost games, we lost to teams that shouldn't have beaten us, in the most agonizing ways. The Bengals this season tantalized us into thinking we were a great team, then fell to an 8-8 record. And, we lost AT HOME to PITTSBURGH. How much worse could it get?

Today will be a day of mourning for this Bengals fan. Tomorrow, I'll start getting ready for the Buckeyes' game next week. Congrats to those who made it to the playoffs. I'll be rooting for the Colts.