Monday, December 04, 2006

No one wants the Rose Bowl

Isn't is ironic that the two teams (USC and Michigan) playing in the Rose Bowl are disappointed? Thank you, BCS, for making the traditional bowls consolation prizes.


jim said...

That's the thing that ticks me off the most about the BCS; Texas played in the Rose Bowl a few years back. That's just wrong...

The Rose Bowl should always and every time be the top teams from the PAC10 and Big 10(no wait that's the Big 11...)

julieunplugged said...

I feel the same way! It wasfreakingme out when they were talking about LSU and Notre Dame in the Rose Bowl just because OSU and USC might play in the Championship game. All I could think was Cal and Michigan, obviously!

What's worse is that USC and Michigan aren't even excited about it! They both feel like they wound up with the princess' ugly step-sister. :( It's not right!

brian said...

I kind of agree. It's weird that the Rose Bowl is a consolation. I miss the days when we played to get to the Rose Bowl.

But, I also like having a definitive national champion. Being an Ohio State alumnus, I'd hate to run the table and go to the Rose Bowl, play and beat the Pac 10 team and not be declared National Champions.

I'm all for a play-off system in college. Even this year, if Florida were to happen to beat Ohio State, there's going to be a lot of controversy about who is really number one. But, a playoff would be the final nail in the coffin of the traditional bowls. Let's just do what the pros do. Let's have the conference champions play each other in a short tournament and have an indisputable national champion.

Dave said...

Why is USC upset with the Rose Bowl? They're a two-loss team now so I don't see where their disappointment would be coming from. What were they hoping for/expecting after losing to UCLA?

Michigan Fan is upset that they got bumped out of the #2 spot but they only have a "complaint-worthy" case which makes for good sportstalkradio fodder. They can't come up with much that is persuasive to non-biased observers (which I consider myself to be. I am perfectly neutral when it comes to the annual UofM-MSU game, even though there's supposed to be a great divide that separates fans of the two schools.) I just root for Michigan when it's convenient to do so but overall really don't care nearly as much as my frequent commenting on this topic might indicate!

julieunplugged said...

USC is just mad at themselves for squandering the National Title Championship Bowl, that's all I meant. Rather than being thrilled and feeling honoroed to go to the Rose Bowl, it feels more like a consolation prize for losing #2 status.

In the old days, the peak experience was to get to the Rose Bowl, not to have to take it as compensation for failing to get to a better bowl. See what I mean?