Friday, December 01, 2006

Who dey?! Yeah baby, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout

Carson does the jersey proud. Number 9!

Gotta send out big Bengal hugs to Carson and TJ!

Flea flicker play for the TD.

Carson said he knew TJ was open by the crowd! Who knew?! The big surprise, though is the Bengal defense that looked like an entirely different team. They p-owned (as my game playing son would say). Almost shut the Ravens out (a last ditch effort at a TD with just over a minute remaining meant the Ravens got on the board). But then a short, pop-up onside kick sealed their fate. Bengals caught it and kneed the last two downs.

That was all she wrote. We're back in the wild card hunt! Oakland next week.


Dave said...

I was annoyed to discover that the game wasn't on any TV stations that I could access last night. I was looking forward to watching some ball but I guess this game was part of the NFL Network or something?

Anyway, I had Shayne Graham and Todd Heap on my fantasy team. My opponent had Rudi Johnson. I'm glad to say that my two players did better than his RB. I need to win this game to have a decent spot in the playoffs (our regular season ends this week.) I would have liked for Graham to make that 47-yard FG that he missed, it would have been an extra five points for me.

I wish the Bengals well. At least they don't have the Steelers breathing down their neck anymore.

julieunplugged said...

Yeah, NFL network with Bryant Gumbel, who misquoted yardage and scores the whole night. I had to wonder if he was even watching the game!

Amazing defensive game. Happy you got some help for your fantasy football team. :)


Anonymous said...

Bryant is a little rusty -- give him time. Collingsworth is one of the best, IMO.

Julie, I was waiting to see if you would post last night so I could give you a shout out. But, you must have been celebrating :-).

Man your defensive players were bad-asses!! Whole lot of puntin' goin' on.

Anonymous said...

Julie, Dave's comment is reminding me that we definitely have to do fantasy football next season!!

julieunplugged said...

Kim, I was up late with the game and then remembered that I had these three files to upload to my website by midnight! I took care of those at 11:58 and then crashed into bed. This a.m., made this post and then all day has been crazy registration day for my business. :) I got over to your blog and read it thoroughly. It is so enjoyable! Thanks for posting such interesting stuff.

And btw, I have always been a fan of Bryant Gumbell and my other favorite: Bob Costas. I know Bryant will settle in (though his voice is a bit high for football for me). Collingsworth was wonderful, though. So you subscribe, eh?

Yes, let's do fantasy football next year! I'm up for it.

(Now I need someone to explain to me the points given or taken for the weekly spread. I don't get it yet...) :)


Anonymous said...

I get the NFL channel as part of the satellite TV package. The year the channel debuted I watched non-stop. I have not had as much time for it latelty, tho :-). Now I just devote my energy to one team. But, I much more enjoy being able to follow all the NFL happenings.

I don't much get point spreads either. For some reason it is a hard way for me to think. Maybe it's because I'm a gurl, ha!

Matt said...

Once you get settled in to fantasy football, Julie, you'll get the hang of it in no time. If your group decides to do a league through either CBS Sportsline or Yahoo, or a similar site, all of the scoring is done for you -- and all you'll have to worry about is which players to select in the draft and who to start each week. The rest takes care of itself!

- Matt

Dave said...

Julie, I can email you off list with details of how to put together a fantasy football league. I'd even be willing to join the league unless you are looking to create a women's league. (Our leagues are co-ed though!)

It's not about point spreads, it's about drafting individual players (except for defenses.) You have roster, you fill it with players who qualify at the various positions, and you get points based on their statistical performance each week. Then each team adds up their total points and you have your winners and losers each week.

There's a wide range of simplicity --> complexity in the scoring methodologies. I can answer a lot of your questions if you have them... now or later.

FYI's: Carson Palmer is this year's #2 QB, just after upstart Drew Brees (McNabb was a clear #1 before his injury, still ranks #4 overall but will fall with each remaining week.)

Chris Cooley is only the #7 tight end (just between Benjamin Watson and Jeremy Shockey.) My guy, Todd Heap, is #1! (That was for Kim.)

Anonymous said...

Ahem, Chris Cooley has other qualities besides his stats.

*sticks tongue out at Dave*

Kim, who would love to play FF with Dave, Julie, and anyone else who wants to come out and play next season.

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