Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Home again, home again, jiggety jig

For the record, let me state: non-stop flights are worth all the extra money. Ask me how I know? We took the slow boat to San Francisco - you know, that direct route from the home of the Bengals to the land of Tony Romo, and then you guessed it, ricocheting back up to San Francisco. Ah the logic of cheap airfare.

Worse, my mom and sister live in Santa Cruz/Watsonville so after the long flights into outer darkness, we still had a ninety minute drive to complete. Fortunately for me, I phoned ahead and a lemon Snapple was chilled and waiting in my mother's ever-ready cooler in the car. Remember that next time any of you pick me up at the airport. Cure for the grouchies.

We had a faboo time that I ought to catalog with adorable photos of nieces and nephew, but I know how tedious that becomes (plus, I hate uploading photos from my digital camera... I don't know why).

So instead, this is just a quick note to say I'm home, I face a ten page written final research paper due next Monday, 30 essays to grade tonight, Jacob's winter holiday performance (also tonight), 300 emails, countless registration payments for my business to log and enter, year end taxes, AND Christmas shopping. So blogging may take a few days to crank back up.

But if you want to talk sports, I'm here. Did you see the drubbing the Saints gave the Cowboys? Made my day! Missed the Bengals but got the report from kids and hubby who watched and Tivo'ed on my behalf. Such devoted family. Love these two losses: Indy and the Pats.


Ampersand said...

Wow, Julie, that is a bit of a workload now isn't it? I will be thinking of you as you tackle it all.

I too was happy to see the Saints beat up on the Cowboys.

I fell asleep during my first Penguins hockey viewing last night. That's no reflection on the sport, just that I was that tired. I do have it on tivo, tho.

Kansas Bob said...

Isn't football over yet? Well maybe it is for us Chiefs fans! Go Bengals! Actually I'm rootin for Marty (old KC coach) and the Chargers :(

PS: Try turning that annoying word verification off for a while ... I did and it seems okay - for now anyway.

julieunplugged said...

Bob, your wish is my command! :) I had word verification off forever and then got some spam so I turned it on. Now, back off just for you. :)

And yes, sorry about the Chiefs. Ugh. The NFL - rips out the heart.


Dave said...

My football Sunday was a complete washout. My fantasy team was bounced out of the playoffs, mainly. I won't go into the statistical details about how I lost, but I could have won if I had started the right combination of players, which wasn't true for owners whose teams were competing against the likes of LaDainian Tomlinson, Maurice Jones-Drew, Drew Brees or Antonio Gates. What makes it worse is that the players I didn't start who could have helped me are affiliated with the Detroit Lions, a thoroughly miserable team and franchise that deserves little more than the firehose treatment when they finally, mercifully, arrive at the end of their season. Any aspiring fantasy owners who want a lesson in what can go wrong when one thinks too much are invited to contact me via personal, confidential and secure email for this invaluable lesson...

And after turning off my word verification for awhile, I also got spammed and decided to put it back on for a while. They will find you eventually, Bob!

Kansas Bob said...

"They" will find me? Even "I" can't find me most of the time :)