Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who knew I'd be a beast at fantasy football?

Barring a 400 yard 6TD passing game for Randy Moss on Monday night, I look to be a shoe-in for the win over this week's opponent... Thank you Tony Romo, my hero. That would mean that I will have gone undefeated for the first 4 weeks!

What that looks like in my house? Something like this:

Go Arizona! Stop the Steelers. Oh wait. Is Roethlisberger throwing to Santonio Holmes. Catch it, catch it! Woo-hoo! More points.

Last week, I rooted for the Saints to win but kept yelling at the TV, telling Drew Brees not to pass because my opponent had him as his quarterback. TDs through the passing game counted against me, but a TD based on Reggie Bush running into the end zone didn't so I wanted incompletions and good hand offs to Bush. That's how nutty this gets.

In other news: Had a great breakfast with my favorite ex-Muslim, ex-Evangelical, self proclaimed Universalist who follows the Dao, Rob Asghar. We found out that we are both utterly correct in our conclusions about theology, faith and God. And to think I was just one coffee away from that epiphany! Mark today as the day it all got solved. :)

Thanks Rob for the coffee. (I can't thank you for the blueberry crumbcake as I want to blame Barnes and Noble for putting out Thursday's bakery goods on Sunday morning.) You are too much fun. Glad you have family here so we can meet again.

Also, sooo glad you gave me the scoop on STEVE NORRIS. I am fully prepared now to enter his south Pasadena world fully warned, er, pleasantly prepared. :) Steve! Can't wait.

For the rest of you, that's code for I'm going to Los Angeles all by myself this week! Dad is treating me to the Notre Dame v. UCLA game. It will be a treat for me. I expect slow-torture for my poor Fighting Irish dad. Still. There's always the beach.


Stargazer said...

Hi, nice blog you have :)

brian said...

Just one more reason I don't like Fantasy Football (plus the fact I'm terrible at it). I want to root against the Squealers, every player, every play of every game.

The Bengals got a couple of gifts yesterday. The Cards stepped up and so did the Brownies. If we can pull off a miracle tonight, we can stay right in there in the division race.


Ampersand said...

You are a fantasy football god!

Dave said...

... [seething with envy] ...

Susanne B. said...

Enjoy your UCLA game -- and the palm trees that I know you miss. :)

Rob A. said...

Hey, Julie, it was a blast! Could have chatted for hours, especially about Mr. Norris.... I really like the Cincy suburbs. Very charming area. Okay, I just got back from LAX and need to catch up on reality... :-/