Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tiger takes care of business with a 63 in Chicago

...which means that even if Phickelson wins next week, and Tiger comes in second, Tiger still wins the Fed-Ex Cup by 20 points. :)

Had to watch golf over the Bears. Can't stand them.

What a great day of golf. Best round I've seen by Tiger in the last year. (-8 under) Anyone else watch?

Should have added that that is PGA tournament win 60. Read the article to see just how historic today's win really was (as they seem to always be).


Dave said...

Sorry, golf didn't register at all with me this weekend, except when I was clicking between Channel 3 (Patriots-Jets) and Channel 5 (Eagles-Packers) I vaguely recall seeing some people walking across wide green lawns so that might have been the event you referred to.

My work league team did great today, but I still might lose if Edgerrin James has a big game tomorrow night. Matt is wiping me out in the PFL. I fear that Plaxico Burress and the Steelers defense are just too much for me to overcome!

brian said...

I watched Tiger(by myself again). Tiger was in perfect Tiger-form. When he hits fairways, the other guys might as well pack up and go home. His swing was well-controlled (not over-swinging as he has a tendency to do). His putting was on, too. 8 under. Wow!

I am so excited about the show-down next week between Tiger, Phil and Steve Stricker. They are all peaking at the right time. Unfortunately, I'm going to miss most of it as I'll be on vacation at Disneyworld. I think Tiger will be right up there again. Phil- who knows? My guess though is he'll be there, too.

60 wins is a huge milestone. I can't believe more isn't being made of that. Most guys don't win 6 tournaments in a lifetime.

I watched Cleveland get creamed by the Steelers (yet again). I'm very nervous about the Bengals' opener tonight.

Ampersand said...

Yeah, I missed Tiger too. I was glued to my Fantasy Football stat tracker.

I'm glad you got to experience it though, Julie!

Nothing else on this earth quite like him.