Monday, September 03, 2007

Phikelson wins.... Grrrrr.

Tiger put up a good fight, but it wasn't enough this time. He looked (dare I say it?) disinterested, until about half way through the tournament. Phikelson's shot into the hazard put him within reach and Tiger had multiple birdie opportunities to put the pressure on. Unfortunately, not enough of them dropped.

So Phil wins and feels really happy about it.

Phikelson reports that he may not be in Chicago for the next leg of the FedEx Cup because the commissioner has not honored requests he had (these remained unnamed) yet was expected to show up at the play-offs to support the PGA. He added, "Oh and my daughters start school on Wed. and they have soccer games etc. I'd like to go to, but we'll see."


Meanwhile, Tiger went without playing one of the tournaments and is in third place in pts.

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brian said...

Tiger just wasn't Tiger yesterday. And, Philly didn't choke the way he usually does (although he almost did on what was it 16 where he went for the green and should have laid up).

The playoffs are lacking the feel I think the PGA wanted. Tiger snoozed through the first week. Phil wins the second leg and contemplates missing the third because his kids are going back to school?

I think it'll take a couple of years to see if the playoffs gain any interest. Tiger's focused almost solely on winning majors. If he stays disinterested, I think the public will be as well. I didn't watch the Barclays last week at all. I snoozed on that because since Tiger wasn't playing that week, I didn't realize the playoffs had even started.