Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mais Wii

Mais Wii, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Jon's impulse buy has turned out to be the perfect family game. Tonight we bowled, golfed, hit tennis balls, boxed and I missed pitches. Lots of them. Similar to how I miss them when the bat is made of wood and I'm standing over home plate.

I've been meaning to write about Deep Things like the meaning of life, faith, doubt, forgiveness (and the fact that maybe we just don't need it like we think we do)...

But even all of that hasn't mattered as much these days. Between homeschool, substituting for Jon, parent-teacher night, planning my co-op classes and spending my free time playing with the kids or IMing with my fantasy football league during the opening of the NFL season... life just feels good, connected, meaningful, right.

So my brain thought: "Why on earth did Jon buy a Wii for no apparent reason?" But tonight my heart says, "I'm so glad he did."

Sometimes I spend too much time finding reasons and not enough time appreciating gifts.


Dave said...

The Wii is a pretty amazing little device. Sounds like you are just getting acquainted with the games, which are great! But there are other cool features to be discovered with the internet connection, the polling, the ability to download old Nintendo classic games so conveniently, etc. Have you made a bunch of Miis yet? It's as much fun as decorating Harry Potter cookies! :o)

The Wii really is a nice hub for our family to gather around - this gadget is quite deserving of its popularity.

Sentient Marrow said...

I agree with Dave, making Mii's is fun. We haven't done the whole internet connection part of it yet but look forward to doing so. Glad you are enjoying yours so much.

Rick said...

Wii have a Wii, too. Wii like it very much.

NoVA Dad said...

Don't have a Wii yet; it's difficult to convince the missus that things like that are a good investment:-) Being able to show her how it brings the family together, though, might be a point in my favor!

thechurchgeek said...

What a great idea, I'll have to get one of these and see what response I get from my wife!