Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy for now

Happy for now, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

We're back home, no longer one big happy family. Little fragments of the Bogart cosmos have whisked themselves away and we who are left at home, feel it. Noah, first to leave, discovered that he liked being the only one gone. Suddenly it seemed strange that he can't come home whenever he wants to and find Johannah there with the rest of the home bodies.

Jacob assured me that he isn't ready to leave home, for at least three years. Convenient as he is 15 currently. :)

I'll post more as soon as my desk is cleared. I've entered the world of Facebook to keep up with my far flung kids and scooped up along the way Jo(e) (who is apparently in love with her toothbrush), Kim (who has the hots for Rod Stewart) and Dave (who is up for "random play" and we all know what that means! wink, wink), as well as a pair of Ricks. So if you have one, add me as a friend. After all, I may as well maintain yet another Internet space to add to my (embarrassing) four other blogs.


Ampersand said...

Thanks, Julie.

Might I upgrade your statement with the facts? I have the hots for his music.

Too late, your post has probably hit all the tabloids, I mean, rss readers by now.

carrie said...

Makes me want to get a Facebook account! As Nora said to Nick (The Thin Man), "You do know the nicest people."