Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fantasy Football: Now THAT was fun!

I've joined a league led by the fearless and peerless Dave which includes the likes of Ampersand and her delightful family (who shout in the chat room - insane pick Dad!) and Matt and one other guy I don't know named Joe (friend of Ampersand's clan).

I'm green, wet behind the ears, a total novice. So for me, it worked like this:

Avoid looking at all FF materials for all the weeks leading up to the draft. Get up an hour later than I meant to on the morning of the draft. Look at SI and Yahoo lists of rankings and wonder what they mean or if last season will bear any relevance this year.... and then find out mid draft that I was supposed to also look at bye weeks! Ack.

Make a list. Pick mostly Cinci and Indy players proving that I am a sucker for name recognition (due to the copious volume of ads I consume every day that teach me "if you've heard of it, it must be good").

Draft goes live and I watch the best players disappear rapidly, while nabbing Carson in round two (and TJ one round later). Start wondering how on earth to select Tight Ends (for the way their pants cling to their tushies, or for how they receive footballs?)....

Wanted Matt Leinart as back-up QB since for some unknown to humankind reason, I root for the only two Trojan QBs in this league (I heart them both!). Perhaps subliminal messaging is working as my son's marching band plays "Fight on" (the Trojan fight song) every week as the fight song for his high school (they think they are so original out here picking a west coast fight song, but it pains my very Bruin soul every time I hear it)... though perhaps it is wearing me down.

Wound up with Carrie Underwood's boyfriend as my back-up QB.

So for those even remotely curious: here's my fantasy team. (Idly wonder what Erik Kuselias would have to say about it....)

My team name: Footsies (Thought I'd bring a little feminine swagger to the table).

Carson Palmer (QB)
TJ Houshmandzadeh (WR)
Reggie Wayne (WR)
Andre Johnson (WR)
Joesph Addai (RB)
Thomas Jones (RB)
Todd Heap (TE)

Jamal Lewis (RB)
Tony Romo (QB)
Benjamin Watson (TE)
Marion Barber III (RB)

Adam Vinatieri (K)
Shayne Graham (K)

Denver (Def)
Dallas (Def)


Kansas Bob said...

Noticed that you didn't pick any Chiefs ... Smart Julie ... unless you could have picked LJ of course ... he will be getting the ball almost as much as our QB :)

Dave said...

Bob, who IS your quarterback anyway? Maybe the center can save a few seconds and snap the ball directly to Larry Johnson...

Dave said...

And Julie... with the emergence of the Sen. Larry Craig scandal, your team name takes on vast new implications - not to mention relevance to the Zeitgeist!

Ampersand said...

LOL, Dave.

Go Footsies ;).

Bob, I had the honor of drafting Larry Johnson for my team.

NoVA Dad said...

I thought the auction this morning was a lot of fun. Julie, you've got a great corps of receivers and running backs (I'm really interested in seeing if Addai has a breakout season) and show have a good team. Alas, I failed to check the injury reports this morning before the draft, and ended up getting a lot of folks who are banged up right now. Should make week 1 quite entertaining for me.

NoVA Dad said...

Sorry - that should have read "should have a good team" (unless you read it in the spirit of a good southern accent:-)

Kansas Bob said...

Good for you Ampersand ... good idea Dave - straight to LJ ... looks like we are going with our 2nd string qb instead of our 3rd string :(