Monday, June 18, 2007

Tiger's pain

We want it for him. He wants it more. The dream of topping Jack Nicklaus's 18 career major wins is the fuel in his tank. I loved the ESPN article this morning about what this second second place means in Tiger's career. What stood out more, however, is the chart that shows a comparison between Tiger and Jack's career through 42 majors:

Wins: (J) 11 (T) 12
Runner-ups: (J) 9 (T) 4
Top 3s: (J) 23 (T) 18
Missed Cuts: (J) 3 (T) 1
Score to Par: (J) +30 (T) -110

The interesting pair of numbers to me is the Score to Par figure. So often we are told that Jack had tougher competition when he played than Tiger. Yet Jack's score to par was not only over par, but 30 over, whereas Tiger's is in triple digits under! Now that's ridiculous! Clearly the courses have had to get tougher every year that Tiger thrashes his way through a course.

We enjoyed the tournament, but hate the loss. All of us are waiting for history and we don't want to miss that moment. Onto the British Open!

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