Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

My dad and I had a great chat on the phone. He's invited me to Pasadena for the October 6 UCLA v. ND game. Of course I shouted YES! The only concession I have to make is that my seat will be in the Fighting Irish section. But don't worry. Light blue and gold will be my colors.

"They" say that the Bruins are going to be a team to contend with this fall which suits me fine. I'm just glad I'll actually see a game given how little coverage the Pac-10 gets out here.

Steve! I'll be in touch for that requisite South Pas visit. :)


Steve said...

I am chilling Pinto Grigio in advance! BBQ on the back porch!

Rob said...

Boy, that's gonna be a tough game for me to figure out who to root for... Let's grab coffee or a drink, though! I'll also be in Cincy for a couple days at the end of Sept for my niece's birthday.