Friday, June 22, 2007

How to kill your blog in six easy steps

1. Don't post

2. Don't post anything worth reading when you do post

3. Post about your family

4. Post about not blogging

5. Post about sports

6. Make your posts so short, they can be skimmed.

Yep... if you do all that, I promise you'll not have to blog ever again. :)


Bilbo said...

Hi Julie,

And I would add to your list...don't interact or engage with other bloggers...Personally I struggle or waver between posting for myself and what I think others might be interested in reading...and...I tend to go back and forth...which probably helps kill my own blogging efforts... I also struggle with blogging just to blog or blogging because I really feel passionate about communicating something about myself or to others... and since...there is no blogging manual I am aware of it's just a free for all...which I suggest makes blogging a irrelevant, interesting, therapeutic, boring, cutting edge, and narcisstic exercise...all, sometimes at the same time...but I do enjoy reading what others have to share...even sports, family, and comments about not posting from time to time...

Ampersand said...

Oh, and don't forget those "how X easy steps" posts.


julieunplugged said...

boils potion in cauldron

A hex and a pox on you, oh kill joy of the blog-fest! :)

Thanks for the tip.

Rebecca said...

Maybe not blogging sounds good right now? You know, everything to its season and all that?

Dave said...

This is so amusing to me! It matches so closely my own thoughts and feelings about blogging these days. I think Rebecca is right about these things going through seasons of their own. Short seasons though, not three month quarterly stretches. It's like there's this vibe that either motivates or demotivates large blocs of us to scurry to or away from our keyboards depending on the polarity of the current or something.

My friend and co-worker Juanito blogs faithfully, nearly every day (he actually kept a daily pace over the span of a couple years or so), partly with the idea that his (currently young) kids will someday read his account of the earlier stages of their life. I wish him well, but I suspect they will be less fascinated with his ruminations than he anticipates... if my own kids are any indicator. I don't think they really give two hoots about my blog... but I know there are a few people I care about who drop in on mine from time to time and that's enough to create the necessary mix of obligation and gratification that prevents me from dropping the project altogether. :o)

Kansas Bob said...

Not sure about #6. A post really has to be relevant and interesting for me to spend a lot of time to read it and comment on it.

So, I wonder, how long should a post be? Should the average reader be able to read a post in 5, 10, 20 or ? minutes?

julieunplugged said...

Oh you guys are too funny and fun. I appreciate comments on my oh so silly post. I am just feeling like a curmudgeon today. I was away from the computer for three days and when that happens, I just want to never return. It's a strange relationship I have with the happy keyboard. I love the connections, but at times, I feel so bound by business (online) and the sense that I have said more than enough about anything I care about that I just can't face what it takes to be fresh... again.

Your cheery e-faces though are helping get me out of those doldrums. So thanks!

jo(e) said...

Well, I disagree with number 3. I like to hear about people's families.

But I always find number 4 funny. So often bloggers write posts to apologize for not posting, and I think to myself, uh, why not take the same amount of time to write an actual post?

I often take time off from blogging in the summer simply because I go camping and have no internet access, and it's good to unplug sometimes. Usually I come home with stuff to say.