Friday, June 15, 2007

Tiger is five back

The US Open is underway and all I feel like doing is lying around the house watching, forgetting that I still have fifty essays to grade and oodles of work to do for my business.

Anyone watching?


thechurchgeek said...

How's our local boy, Zach Johnson doing? I saw he had a bad first day.

julieunplugged said...

Zach is ten back, but at least he made the cut! More than Phil Mickelson can say. :) I like Zach and root for him.

Ampersand said...

I'll be Tiger watching, for sure!

Steve said...

Why is it, that when I sat down to watch the Open today, and saw that Tiger was making a serious run, did I immediately think to myself, "Oh, THIS will get Julie psyched!" ??

julieunplugged said...

Of course Tiger had a great day. Brilliant play through and through. Disappointing bogie on the 18th, but otherwise, just an amazing day on tough conditions. Will be interesting to see if Baddely can hang onto his lead on Sunday.

What is hard to believe is that Tiger, when he is not in the lead after 54 holes (in a major) never wins. He's 0 for 28. But when he does have a share of the lead or the outright lead, he wins 100% of the time. Crazy stat.

I'm hoping tomorrow breaks that pattern. :)