Monday, May 01, 2006

It is so tempting to come on today and rant

about Islam, God, evangelicalism, messy houses, violence and sex, a lack of decent produce at the local market, tent caterpillars and why I gain weight rather than lose it when I start a running program...

All because I want to avoid studying four centuries of doctrine for tomorrow night's final (6:30-9:00 p.m. est).

So, to make sure I don't squander the two hours my house is literally empty of human voices (one kid at work, one mowing the lawn, one plundering the refrigerator of his best friend's house while playing lacrosse and two at the YMCA swimming and running respectively), I will be committing to laptop Word docs all I know about the doctrine of God and the human person from the last four centuries, hoping the final question asks us what everyone had to say about God... after all, it's stunning that Someone so careful not to reveal Self would be the occupation of thousands of pages of reflection!

So cramming serious big ideas onto Word docs is in order. (We get to use our laptops while taking the exam - is that not so 21st century?)

Anywho, I have about a jillion things to say on this blog and will get to them Wednesday and beyond... after I knock back a few glasses of wine Tuesday night and watch American Idol.

For those who pray: pray for me. For those who don't pray: pray for me anyway - to Gods known and unknown and even those gods who don't want to be known (as a friend's son sorta said... ).


Bilbo said...

Your fortunate you don't have me for your professor. I would have made you write your essay using calligraphy and Illuminate each page in 14th century tradition to boot......Good luck Julie and may God/god/the gods/The Gods shine upon you....P.S. I can understand knocking back a few glasses of wine but what's up with watching American Idol? Might you jeopardize your standing with God/gods by watching a program about American Idols????

Dave said...

Hmmm... as I write this comment, it occurs to me that you are probably done with your class and either chatting with someone afterwards or heading home in your car. So I guess whatever prayers I might have said are now irrelevant since you've already committed pen to paper. So quaint! But it befits the subject matter, I suppose.

I'm interested in reading a short synopsis of whatever was asked and answered in that process. And I also look forward to seeing what you produce now that you'll be just a wee bit more unplugged with this class out of your schedule for awhile.

I can relate to that temptation of wanting to squander time in "unwinding" (aka "ranting") activities when you get the house to yourself. I hope you found enough diligence to set the right priorities. :o)

Rick said...

Julie, I'll be praying for you.

I just did.

I have missed AI and my HBO favorite, The Sorpranos for two weeks now, bummer.

Thanks for being you.

julieunplugged said...

Rick, glad to see you check in. I sent you an email that bounced back. Email me when you're all back online. :)

Hope your move is going well and that you aren't totally disoriented.


Emily said...

AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH! I, too, am doing anything rather than think about doctrine at this moment in time. Actually, I'm thinking about how my church is refusing to pay me for my time at a conference that they sent me to for my job (assistant to music minister). Is it any wonder people get a bad impression of Christians at times?