Thursday, May 04, 2006

Staring down my fundamentalist fears

UPI column

Well, the final is over (it went well!) and summer is here (at least technically speaking as far as school goes).

I had to write the UPI column before I can get back to writing and posting here. And then I've got a transcript to write for Noah (he's applying to University of Cincinnati!) and several big writing projects for my business (Brave Writer - my online writing resource for homeschoolers).

This particular column (linked above) was written specifically for a friend who reads here. :) Hugs to you on the journey. It's worth it.



Dave said...

Ha, I love that GoT citation at the end! Very amusing... However, I'm going to quibble with your choice of translations. I referenced the Jesus Seminar, Marvin Meyer and Elaine Pagels and they all translate Thomas 42 as "be passersby" (Pagels says "become passersby.")

There are HUGE IMPLICATIONS here, Julie, between "keep(ing on) going" and "be(coming) passersby." In fact, if we're not careful, this all might result in the first denominational split within PoMoXianity! ;o)

julieunplugged said...

Rofl! Yes, I am aware that my translation is risky. My copy of The Complete Gospels does have the translation as "Be passerby" while right next to it I have in handwriting, "Get going." My professor who is an expert in Thomas (knows Coptic and has written extensively on GoT) says that a better rendering is "Get going" or "Keep going."

And in fact, it was he who quelled my anxiety over not getting where I thought I should go theologically quickly enough with an email that ended with this very verse and the "keep going" translation. It has become a kind of benediction inmy life as a result.

And with everything else I've reconfigured, it's nice to know that the verse that encourages me is not even from the canon and is a less well-known translation. LOL! Sums it all up doesn't it?

:) Julie

SusansPlace said...

Your post today was just what the doctor ordered! I really like the peaceful feeling I had as I read this:

"When that feeling rises, I slow down, I enjoy a moment over tea, and I allow the questions and answers to come from within for that day. I don't worry about getting it all right for all time for everyone. I focus on learning how to discern what's in front of me, and am reminded by the Gospel of Thomas verse 42 to, "keep going."

"Keep Going" is a good mantra for me!!

Susan :-)

Rich(luthsem) said...

As a former fundamentalist..Thank you.
I love your columns. Now I'm one of those "liberal" Lutherans

Tim said...

Excellent, Julie.


Rick said...

Okay, it's official, you really are my favorite. I think you have something to say to the church.

Julie, this was fantastic. I LOVED it.

Thanks for being out there and for opening your heart so the rest of us can get in touch with ours.

Huge hugs!