Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My crazy believe-they-can-do-anything kids

I have these crazy kids. One of them is working two jobs (Trader Joe's and Barnes and Noble - is that cool or what?) and is also trying to do final rehearsals for "The Tempest" downtown in the high school Shakespeare Company. We just sent off his college app to University of Cincinnati. The next child (daughter) is working a new job (ice cream place), volunteers at the local elementary school, has to prepare for finals in high school and is also rehearsing for "The Tempest." Johannah and Noah are both in the same show. Neither seem to be sleeping, unless we count sleeping upright on the couch when the TV is on.

My next one in line (Jacob) has plans to go to South America for a year with American Field Service (AFS) and so has embarked on the study of Spanish... eagerly. He is using a grammar book, dictionary, CDs and enthusiasm. He is also raising $9000 to pay for it by mowing his little hands off (has several mowing jobs) and is also baking cookies up a storm as well. He, too, has his usual end-of-the-year commitments for homeschool and seems unable to stand upright for very long periods of time.

Then Liam just finished his lacrosse season and has taken to running laps in our large backyard, turning tricks on the trampoline and throwing the lacrosse ball with who ever will risk launching the hard ball with the lacrosse stick. We are also making plans to move into the zoo for large chunks of time (where he'd live if I'd let him).

Caitrin is playing her violin for whoever will listen to four variations of "Twinkle, twinkle," and she is evaluating new musical styles. Salsa is the latest (I attest to this fact as she just plugged and unplugged the iPod from my ear to hear her favorite new dance track). She has the most carefree life of all including too many hours on Disney channel and an equal number of hours out of doors dancing, singing and performing for an audience of none.

We don't look like a traditional homeschool, but we have the most enthusiastic learners. I feel lucky to be around these kids who think all subjects are fair game and who go after what they love with such gusto.

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