Thursday, May 11, 2006

Making God our 'American Idol'

UPI column

This was a fun week for writing. :)



OldMom said...

It absolutely staggers the imagination how many people can't see the parallels between fundamentalisms. At all, no sir, not a bit alike.

What is the fascination with God being vindictive? And pre or post death, who cares.

The whole thing just wraps in on itself--predestination, sin, atonement, damnation. . .was God BORED? Why else go through this exercise?

That is what just blows my mind as an outsider looking in at this thinking. THIS DOESN"T MAKE SENSE!


SusansPlace said...

From your article:

"It always astounds me that we assume our script is accurate, that we really know how it all turns out. Those who grow up in a Muslim country have a script too."

What is astounding me is the number of "scripts" out there, the historical documentation for each of them, the ways that they are similar and the belief that everyone has that their script is absolutely right. Aside from growing up in a family(and church) that tells you it is right, how many of us have actually researched the roots of our religions to find out if they have honest scripts.



Rick said...


I hope at some point in the near future you will take you beautiful and creative mind and put it to use by writing a book.

BTW, I'm enjoying the new city and found some funky hip little places to hang out. I am actually going to a yoga class today in a funky, hip little place. :)However,this isn't California.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie-

Just wanted you to know I was still reading along. ;-) I don't have much to say, but I'm here.