Monday, October 03, 2005

Hard Rock Fruits of Home Education

And some people wonder how home educators can stand being home with their kids all day...

Caitrin is studying the history of music in our homeschool co-op. Today, they covered rock 'n roll.

The tunes of choice? She recognized 'em... the only one in the class to ID them both: the Boss and U2! My work with her is done. Diploma forthcoming.

I did nearly jump out the car window as I turned the facts over in my head. I epiphanied: "You mean there is an adult female home educating U2 and Springsteen fan lurking right there in our 110 family co-op and this astute woman of culture and I have yet to form an airband?" How did this vital statistic get by me?

Note to self: Wear Springteen T and sport U2 iPod next week in attempt to scope out clandestine fan.

In this same class, this very hip teacher will require each kid to do a music report featuring a specific type of music. Caitrin chirped the instructions happily as I came back to earth and tuned in.

"So you'll do rock 'n roll, right?" I mused absently.

"No way Mom. That's old music."

I squinted at her in the rear view mirror. Apparently we need a refresher in "Music 101".

"I'm doing rap."


My nine year old white girl whose goal in life is to visit the American Girl Tower in Chicago wants to do her music report on rap.

Jacob scoffed. "You don't even know any rappers!'

C: "Do so. I know seven."

J: "You do not. Name them. I'm gonna count." He poised his fingers in the air.

I quickly ran through the number I knew in my head and never got to seven.

C: "Tupac Shakur,
Fifty Cent,
Missy Elliot,
Eve, oh and
Little Romeo... he's got a dad called Big Romeo but he got shot."

Did I mention she just turned nine? Should I be scared?

Imagine the following scenario next spring as students present reports...

Caitrin brings "Kit" (her AG doll) to the front of class and uses the doll's hand to push "play." Out comes "Thug Life" by Tupac...

Better start looking for a new co-op now.

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Bari B. said...

LOL...we are covering rap very soon. I shudder at the thought, but I did sign the same contract the kids did about being OBJECTIVE...not subjective. I can do it, I know I can! U2 is in town. My BF friend went last night. Me? Open House talking about them! LOL