Thursday, March 03, 2005

Where's my beach?

I miss the ocean.

I have a busy head. When I'm near the ocean, my mind is on pause.

In college, I could drive to the beach and escape everything—boys who flirted and didn't call, history books written for robots (certainly humans weren't the intended audience), parents who didn't live together any more, the pressure to be pretty and smart and rich.

I'd hop in my blue Mazda GLC with the windows down, sun pouring in through the windshield and Tom Petty singing in the background as I'd break the speed limit on PCH. I'd drive all the way from Santa Monica to Malibu (forty five minutes) just to buy yogurt and granola at the Health Food store.

My flip flops smacked the pavement as I padded across the highway. I'd perch on top of a boulder and peer out over the unremarkable beach. (If you haven't been to Malibu, let me spare you romantic illusions. The "real" Malibu beach is tiny and full of rocks. The strip of sand from shore to water is narrow. And it's dirty sand - the kind that feels like you've reversed the vaccuum cleaner and blown dust all over yourself.)

It didn't matter. I'd slowly suck the yogurt off my plastic spoon, gazing undistractedly at the water, the sky, the gulls.

And then I'd feel good again. Peaceful.

So what I want to know is: Where the hell is my beach in Ohio?


SusansPlace said...

Could your "beach" be your backporch... watching the birds (not seagulls) flit around and make merry chirping sounds(not the crashing of waves) while you lick yogurt from your stainless steel spoon? :-) The first car I ever bought was a white Mazda GLC. Memories.


Dave said...

Ummm... Cedar Point? :o)

australisa said...

I didn't grow up near a beach but I have definitely felt the need for the ocean lately.

When things get too much, the ocean calms me. The endless horizon is wonderful but I must have the sound of waves, too. I need a pleasant filling of the senses to drive out the other stuff. :-)

The feel of sand is a plus -- not essential, but helpful. Bare feet on any sort of sand (except the burning hot kind) is primo. Icing on the cake. A light salty breeze would complete the experience nicely, thankyouverymuch.

Remember the Isak Dinesen quote? "The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea" If I have a choice, I will take the sea.

WordyKaren said...

You're welcome to join us at our beach in San Diego anytime. And we'd love to stroll it with you and then stop for a Bogart Yogurt (yes, it's still in the same spot as 20 years ago).

Love, Mom