Sunday, March 20, 2005

My Messiahs

I've found what I'm looking for...

The Boss's induction of U2 into the Hall of Fame was everything a great speech ought to be—funny, endearing, articulate, descriptive, long and genuinely affectionate. Bruce reminded us that both he and Bono share an embarassingly naked Messiah complex... which is precisely why we heart them.

Bruuuuuuce's speech

The following photos show how cute these two rockers really are:

I heard Bruce has a new CD coming out! Could the year get any better?


Bilbo said...

I finally got around to seeing the induction late last night on VHI while I was channel surfing. It was awesome, especially the introduction by the Boss. I set my VCR to record the next airing later this afternoon. Want my sons and girlfriend to watch it with me when I get back from Death Valley later this week...I suspect you now know how I felt during the whole LOTR's three year celebration. Just a shame I didn't have my blog site up and running. Would have been a hoot.

Dave said...

Bono looks like he is having a lot more fun than he did during that awkward conglomeration he got roped into at the Grammys.