Monday, July 07, 2008

Heading north for vacation

We're outta here! Jon, kids and I will be heading to MI for a little vacay. Should be fun. En route, we'll stop at Cedar Point for the world's best roller coasters (which I will happily enjoy from the comfort of a wooden bench on the sane immovable earth). Kids are right ages, though, as they are all now officially taller than me, despite my growth spurt this year, so everyone can ride anything.

I'm counting on Dave to bring us good weather up north, though his current track record leaves MUCH to be desired.

Photos forthcoming as we journey and click away. Hope your week is great too.


musing said...

Have a great time!

Kansas Bob said...

Hope you have/are having/had a great time!

Dave said...

Oh the pressure...! Well it looks like Wednesday should be nice and most of the day on Thursday. Then some "small" "isolated" thunderstorms are scheduled to hit northern Michigan through the weekend. But with any luck at all you will be able to dodge the worst of the rain clouds and have your share of fun (and hopefully, even more.)

Ah Michigan. One never knows what to count on with the weather, except that change and unpredictability are the one certainty running through it all.