Friday, July 04, 2008

And now to cheer you up....

Any veteran of message boards and blogs know this experience:


Carrie said...

Oh, geez. I didn't know whether to cringe because it struck home, or I did both! I don't care nearly so much as I used to. I rarely try to change anyone's mind these days. In fact, other than my own blog and a very few other places, I don't even give my opinions any more. I've changed my mind too often to care much when other people are "wrong." I figure it's very likely they won't feel the same way in 5 to 10 years anyway. ;-)

Happy July 4th.

iluka said...

Ha ha. Good one:)

I give my opinions but I know I'm not going to change anyone's mind - but perhaps open a window just a smidgeon. I agree with carrie, I've changed my own mind plenty and probably so will everyone else. Who knows, in 5 years we might have completely switched sides.