Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rick Neuheisel can exhale now

Gary A. Vasquez/US PRESSWIRE

Bruins beat Vols 27-24 in OT

What a game... er, 4th quarter and OT. The Bruins' brand-spanking new QB, Kevin Craft, sent groans through the Rose Bowl after an atrocious first half wherein he tossed up four miserable interceptions. Boos followed him to the locker room.

Somehow, someway as a result of Neuheisel's commitment to relentless optimism, his reminder that he threw four interceptions in his first game as a college QB (I couldn't help but wonder which sports investigative journalist is going to track down that fact - is it mythology or rooted in reality?), Craft got back in the driver's seat, demonstrated that he has the essential, magic quality of a great QB (amnesia!), and led that team to two TDs (one drive flawless with 6 for 6 completed passes).

The two minute drill looked masterful! This is not Dorrell's Bruins who managed to squander 3rd and long every damned time they were confronted with one. This time Norm Chow created the tricks, the spin, the fun that made Bruin football a pleasure to watch and now to anticipate.

Gene Wojciechowski gets it right.
Don't ask how -- I'm not sure Craft even knows -- but the first half from hell turned into the second half from heaven. Craft began throwing completions, this time to his own teammates. And by the end of UCLA's 27-24 overtime win, Craft had become part of gutty little Bruin football lore...

Craft's second-half total: 18 of 25 for 193 yards, one touchdown, zero interceptions. By game's end he had completed passes to nine different Bruins receivers. He also had withstood everything Tennessee and the crowd could heave his way.

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Cheryl said...

Being a huge fan of the SEC (though not specifically for Tennessee), you can imagine who I was rooting for, but I have to say, Craft was amazing! At one point, one of the commentators said what I was feeling...that it was really one of those games where you hate to see either side lose, they both fought so hard to stay in it.

Craft really did look like two different players from one half to the next. It was a fun game to watch.