Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gawd, Country, Bush, POW, Gawd, and even Clinton

get the most applause at the RNC tonight. Lieberman actually commended Clinton's record, though applause were polite, not enthusiastic.

McCain's POW experience was not described as torture by either Bush or Thompson. Sullivan points out that this may have been accidental, but the truth is, the techniques used on McCain are currently used by our own government.

I love the big screen (stroke of genius). Don't love the speeches.

I'll write more tomorrow. There's so much going on in my head about these two weeks of politics. Join me then for a journey through my very busy head.


SUSAN said...

Will look forward to reading more. I am thoroughly enjoying the RNC, just as I did the DNC. Obviously, different atmosphere but both very exciting.

I am thinking the negative media frenzy surrounding Palin is going to backfire on the Democrats. Due to all the hoopla more people will be watching her tonight than would have been otherwise,imo. ;-)

From what I have observed so far I think we have strengths and weaknesses in all of the candidates. It's going to be interesting, over the next 60 days, to evaluate who truly will make the best President and Vice President. I don't know yet.


Kansas Bob said...

We independants are watching this week and wondering.. maybe I need to get on one of those RonVoys :)

Steve said...

When you share your thoughts, be kind.

kimmy said...

I'm very interested in reading your thoughts on on this political show. While I like Obama's message, I feel like he is a) too good to be true and just saying what so many of us want to hear. The "Change" message is pretty standard...and b) I seriously wonder if he is radical enough to create fundamental and meaningful change.

So, while he will likely receive my vote, it is not an enthusiastic vote like so many Obama supporters who seem to think he is the super hero we;ve been waiting for to "save" America from itself....

and, I'll close with letting you know that I am the type of person who is very liberal minded and used to be "into" politics but now feels like our entire system is possibly a complete sham. The whole election stealing thing ruined politics for me. Where does someone like me go to get inspired about good government again?
looking forward to your thoughts!

julieunplugged said...

Steve, I was. :) You'll see in today's post.

Kimmy, I can appreciate the cynicism. Perhaps for me what turned the tide was the fresh approach of the campaign as much as the content. The grassroots level organization, the coming together of the widest variety of Americans for one purpose that I can remember, the use of technology to connect to constituents... the sheer smarts of this candidate.

I find Obama to be someone who does offer "new" - and since the choice is between more of the Republicans and their failed attempts to govern or giving someone a chance to do what he says he wants to do (things I support), I'm on board for Obama.

Did you read his book Audacity of Hope? That is what put me onto him originally.