Saturday, September 20, 2008

Best First Wedding Dance Ever

This is too good to miss and I figure with all the bad economic news out there, we could all use a mental health break.


Jon said...

My new favorite video. So great.

SUSAN said...

lol! Made me laugh. I bet they are a fun couple. :-)


Kansas Bob said...

It would have been fun to be at that reception :)

Beth said...

Thank you, Julie!! I laughed so hard and then had to send this to my 4 daughters - and their dad! Would he survive if one of our girls did that at their wedding and he didn't have advance warning?? Not too sure about that :-)

So, Julie, I read your blog and love your commentary - you always either say what I've been thinking and don't know how to express - or you make me see something in a new way. And yet I never comment. Because I just don't do that sort of thing:-/ But you brought me out of the woodwork with this silly video b/c you made me laugh. Outloud! Sometimes, that's just the thing :-)