Saturday, September 06, 2008

Another look at Palin from an Alaskan native

The following is a diary from dkos that shares one woman's experience of Sarah Palin. She admits up front that she is an Obama supporter and she tries to give a fair treatment of Sarah by sharing both good and bad impressions of her work in AK.

Sarah Palin: My Alaskan Opinion

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rmkton said...

Will be interesting to see how scripted she appears when she has her first interview with Charlie Gibson. She has been careful not to go off-script in speeches thus far and so folks seem to judge her along party lines...

From a Republican strategy perspective it would have been great to use the "Bridge to Nowhere" slogan against the Dems (in contrast to Bill Clinton's "Bridge to the 21st century" slogan)...but that fact that they are not shows that they acknowledge the weakness that she "voted for it before she voted against it." I am sure Gibson will explore this as well as some of the other issues in this article.