Friday, August 24, 2007

So in my dream, I jumped from a speeding

car, onto the concrete, rolling to avoid broken bones, cuts and abrasions. I heaved myself upright, unharmed, and dusted my legs, when, "Yelp!"

A blur of images and confused thoughts.

I opened and closed my eyes.


I struggled to remember why Rocky barks in the wee hours of the morning except to ruin a perfectly good night's sleep. In a fog, I slid out of bed (like I do every morning to let him out to pee), and weaved toward the door, woozy. I reached for the stair rail to support my wobbly body as I gingerly descended our very steep, very slippery stairwell... and missed.

My hand nicked the wall, my feet shot out from under me and feet first, I skidded on my bottom, bumping the top of every step, sending the bottles of Lysol and hair spray flying (that had waited to be carried up the stairs) until finally I smacked the wood floors, arms hyper-extended taking the brunt of the fall, legs stiff, tail bone throbbing.

Yeah, I could so jump from a speeding car and walk away from it.


Dave said...

Ouch! I hope you are OK... maybe a little lingering soreness after taking a tumble like that?

Nice illustration of the difference between dreams and reality... hard-earned on your end!

Ampersand said...

Wow, you'll do anything for a good blog post won't you?

No, seriously, I sure do hope you're okay!!

Well, we know you can still type.

R. Michael said...

OOOOw!...don't consider this a warm-up for extreme speeding car jumping. Hope you are OK.

In the words of Bill Clinton..."I feel your pain"

my15minutes said...

Great writing. Rocky is your muse.

julieunplugged said...

I'm okay. My left thumb was a bit out of joint but it seems better now.

So weeeeiiiiirrrrrd. :)

I've imagined falling down those stairs so many times. I'm just glad I didn't break my neck (as I usually imagined it).

carrie said...

I'm so glad you're okay! I remember when Rachel fell down the steps last year! Scary!! I've recently realized how dangerous it can be for an older person to have a cat or small dog. I trip over one or more animal in my house every day, and I keep thinking, "One of these days, I'm really going to hurt myself!" Our cat loves to lie down in the shadows where you can't see him, especially at the bottom of the steps. I don't think he's real smart.

musing said...

Now that you got your fall out of the way, maybe you can put those imaginings behind you.

Glad you're okay!