Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Jon!

Dad of the year, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Jon turned 50 yesterday. He's in California soaking up the sun and the fresh mountain air. He went out to visit Noah (who is working construction) and his sister and nephews and nieces who all live in the same region (and for whom Noah has worked this summer).They're throwing a big party for him tonight. Jon is especially enjoying the dozens of cool bakeries in CA that make fabulous pastry.

He's in a gorgeous part of CA (Redwoods and canyons). I keep thinking of Bilbo. :)

I miss him!! He'll be home soon.


Kansas Bob said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Jon!

NoVA Dad said...

Ditto -- be sure to pass along our best to him!

musing said...

Wishing Jon a happy belated birthday!